Testimonials from some of my past pupils

April Feazey April Feazey
I would highly recommend Darren, as a driving instructor; he is very kind and patient with all situations and doesn't get frustrated if anything goes wrong. He waits until we are parked in a safe place and calmly discusses what went wrong and why it went wrong. He helped me very well with my nerves as I was initially a very nervous learner. He would always talk me through everything and always encouraged and supported my abilities. He also helped me to pass my test and I’m very proud of myself and Darren as my instructor. I really couldn't think of anyone better to teach me.

Alex HaymanAlex Hayman
Only 1 Driving Fault !!!
Darren is a brilliant instructor! He made me feel more confident and at ease behind the wheel and taught me things that my previous instructors had overlooked. Lessons were enjoyable and the only regret I have was not finding him sooner.

Eryn Gale Eryn Gale
1st time pass!
Darren is a really great instructor - passed first time. Good prices and well worth the lessons. Definitely an excellent recommendation; thanks mate!

Devan long Devan long
Brilliant instructor, would highly recommend to friends and family!

Keiran Long Keiran Long
Brilliant instructor!! Really nice guy, good laugh too highly recommended!!!

Jennifer Newsholme Jennifer Newsholme
Darren is an amazing instructor, I 100% recommend!! He was always patient and friendly, and really created the relaxed environment I needed to learn how to drive. I can’t thank him enough!! ☺️

Jack WaterfieldJack Waterfield
I would recommend Darren to any of my friends looking to learn. He was very supporting and conciencious, I learned a lot of useful information and road sense above and beyond what was required of me for the practical test and had a good laugh at the same time.

Luke Furzer Luke Furzer
I would have no problem highly recommending Darren. As an instructor he is faultless, he made me feel comfortable from day one, he found a style of teaching that worked best for me and he is also very accommodating and excellent value for money! Thanks Darren 👍

Lawrence MatthewsLawrence Matthews
A brilliant instructor. Darren makes the lessons a pleasure, with a relaxed atmosphere, while imparting everything you need to know to be a top notch driver. From the first lesson right up until youve passed the test, he makes the whole learning process easy and understandable.

Louis Selwood Louis Selwood
I 100% reccomend Darren as a driving instructor, really friendly to be around and made learning really easy. Made me feel relaxed and at ease whilst I was driving. Thank you Darren I really appreciate everything you've done!

Craig BilesCraig Biles
I would 100% reccomand Darren as a driving instructor. Very easy to get on with, made me feel at easy. His huge knowledge about driving and cars helped me get through my test and be a safe driver afterwards. Have reccomanded to friends and family, going to miss our weekly sessions. Cannot rate him highly enough. Thanks Darren.

 Lauren Philcox Lauren Philcox
Great instructor who I highly recommend! Taught me everything I needed to know in order to past my test and be a safe driver afterwards!

Nanganji Bwalya
I had a wonderful experience with Darren as an instructor he gave me so much confidence and I can't believe I had wasted so much time and money with the 4 other instructors I had before him. I highly recommend him! lessons with him are so relaxed. Thank you Darren for helping me gain my freedom I can now be the mummy driver😅